download darka.mp3

the following text should be read in the style of a manc mc

if you dunno wot a manc mc sounds like, edumacate yo'self

music in a-manchesta
feelin it, altho i wouldnt wonna go there
danger. danger.

i got an .mp3 for ya
would have been a .wav but its too many mega
two hours of boss tunes
i could a made it longa

jus beats.

no singa.

facebook got eyes on me
had to go unda
too big for mixcloud
got me own serva

big up the pepa
big up dani
big up nahia

big up bitches
big up fella
big up fam
big up gemma

big up the as well
know dat
i owe ya

salute to the barlows
one and two
big up the big man
fam and crew

shout out to the garage rava
big ed


big up elluh, big up jo
putting the sho on the road
big up matey
putting the road on the sho

big up d-storm crew
old and new
digital storm
comin tru

salute to the fluffs
one and two
you know who

shout to patsy stone
olimpia rava

24 hour party people got nuffin on you, mate, nuffin

and finally...

repect to all the grime mc
chunky, chimpo n the ova monkey
who can rhyme "chop your razor"
with bradshaw, nicky

thats enough mcr:grime jokes - ed

salute to the chunky (wiv respect) salute to the loefah; loefah, loefah. salute to the 81 addison groove, dub phizix, hypho, hypho. salute to the chorlton massive + zed bios, rip mate stay safe, all-a-dat, i'm out ova