Contact me by email,
me|teknopaul at teknopaul .com|.org or at gmail.

On IMs I'm teknopaul at

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This is me on geeky sites

is the domain I maintain for code packaging.

Much of which is hosted at download or github or sourceforge.

I'm not a prolific blogger

I rant on theregister forums a bit.

I have accounts

wherever else is cool. pinterest, tumblr, reddit, or not cool hi5, tuenti, orkut, ...

N.B. some other monkey is teknopaul on youtube. & I dont read my email any more.

I have been teknopaul on t'interwebs since pretty much its birth in the 90's.
This page serves to unite these identities in tools that link like the ubiquitous google search.
Please don't steal my handle, it takes quite a bit of work to get the likes of google and facebook to accept that a handle is real and does uniquely identify a human more accuratly than a first name, second name, birth day combo.
If you google teknopaul its (almost) entirely me.
Please don't write code in a package called .tp23. without good reason, that also makes googling code harder.

Big up, toodly pip